Is it Time to Replace the Septic Tank?

Although a septic tank has an average lifespan of about 40 years, not every unit offers this longevity. And, sometimes, time passes quicker than you ever thought possible. When it’s time to replace the tank with a new septic tank spring grove, do not wait to make the call to a professional.

A Problem with the Septic Tank

new septic tank spring grove

The septic tank holds waste from the plumbing system inside the home. It breaks down the waste using chemicals. When the tank becomes full there is nowhere for the sludge that is created to go, except back into the home. And so, backflow occurs.

Backflow is very unsanitary and unhealthy. This happens when the sludge from the septic tank comes back into the home via the tub, sinks, or other open pipes. The smell is horrid and the mess is substantial. Not only this, but the entire family is at risk of health concerns when this happens.

Signs it’s Time to Replace the Septic Tank

Replacing the septic tank when all signs say that it’s time to do so is the best way to avoid backflow and other potential problems that can occur and cause havoc for everyone in the family. The issues above are the most common signs of trouble with the septic tank. If you notice odors, it’s time to reach out to a plumber.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Septic Tank?

The cost to replace the septic tank varies from one job to the next. Factors such as the size of the tank influence the costs of the tank. Installation costs vary from one company to another. A few comparisons ahead of purchase can save plenty of money and ensure that you get the best septic tank for your needs.