Common Grass Problems in Arlington

Maintaining a lush, beautiful lawn takes effort and hard work, but is nonetheless possible for any Arlington homeowner. With the right attention, fertilizer, lawn spreaders and weed removal, you can ensure that the outside of the home looks just as ravishing as the inside.

For many Arlington residents, problems with the grass is the first indication that it’s time for better lawn care maintenance. There are many problems that may occur at your property. Below we’ll look at some of the most common grass problems. If you notice any of these problems or others, hire a professional Lawn care service Arlington VA.

Uneven Growth

This problem occurs most often in shaded areas of the yard. If you notice uneven growth, you should replace the grass with shade-tolerant seeds that are great for the region. You should also ensure that trees are properly pruned.


Lawn care service Arlington VA

Weeds are never our friend. They pop up in all the wrong places and make it difficult to maintain a beautiful lawn. Weeds take root in lawns and when they do, they kill the grass and become a major nuisance. You should water the lawn each week, followed by a good fertilizer, to keep weeds away.

Pet Damage

We love our pets but there is no question they cause a lot of damage to the lawn. Even when it’s only bathroom breaks, urine is damaging to the lawn and may cause it to die. Clean up after your pet, even the urine, to prevent this problem.

Bald Spots

Bald spots in the lawn really disrupt the flow of the property. It brings down the appeal very fast. The best way to take care of bald spots is to rake up the areas and apply topsoil to mend the area. Follow all of the directions of the package for best results.